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Invasive alert: Japanese stiltgrass or Microstegium vimineum is out in full force right now. It is an invasive annual grass which is happy in both sun and shade. I remember seeing it in my garden over 10 years ago, thinking it was a mini-bamboo. It’s all over the woods in our area. Do you have it in your garden? If you are rejecting the use of herbicides, the best solution in large areas of infestation is to mow it down before it sets seed, but late enough in the season that it won’t have time to re-form seed heads. It is very easy to hand pull in areas where there are very few plants. Just be aware that it sets seeds prodigiously and you’ll need to keep pulling for a few years.


Here's a link for a factsheet from the PADCNR:


Summer Short Course with Noel Kingsbury


Join Phipps and Penn State Extension for a full day of exploring landscape design and creativity with British garden designer and writer, Noel Kingsbury, and Leslie Kaplan, a Pittsburgh garden designer.

Thursday, July 19 from 8:30 am - 2:45 pm
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