Spring in Fox Chapel

Dig This...

As you age the stooping, bending, strength and repetitive movements required for gardening become a challenge. A few changes that make the transition easier include:

·        Abandon perfectionism

·        Have less square footage that requires maintenance

·        Hire help

·        Use good body mechanics when lifting

·        Exercise to maintain strength and flexibility

·        Employ tools that make the job easier

·        Utilize raised beds

·        Evaluate perennials based on season long interest versus maintenance requirements

·        Move to the use of shrubs and groundcover over perennials and annuals


Plant list of suggested shrubs:  Dig This- Shrub List.pdf

Local Events 

The 88th GCFP Annual Convention

"A Floral Tri-fecta"

The DoubleTree by Hilton


Washington, PA

Registration and information:  GCFP Annual Convention

Spring Flower Show at Phipps:

Scents of Wonder


Get nose-to-petal with thousands of aromatic lilies, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and more spring favorites as they fill the glasshouse with color and fragrance.



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