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Distinguished Members
Fox Chapel Garden Club recognizes Honorary Members, Affiliate Life Members, Inspiration Awardees, Past Club Presidents, Past Presidents of Phipps Garden Center and Honorary Members in Memoriam.

Honorary Members


Sally Foster

Marguerite Hannon

Carol Papas


Hanna Van Horn

Elizabeth Worley

Affiliate Life Members

Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania

Rin Babson

Sally Foster

Marguerite Hannon

National Garden Club, Inc.

Rin Babson

Marguerite Hannon

Fritz Mitnick

Inspiration Award

Inspiration Award, established in 2013, is presented to the member of our Club who inspires her fellow gardeners by giving of her time and energy to our Club, our projects and our community.


2013 Sally Foster

2015 Marguerite Hannon

2017 Rin Babson

Past Presidents

1931-1936  Mrs. Albert P Meyer

1936-1938  Mrs. Harold A. Nomer 

1938-1940  Miss Flora Langenheim

1940-1942  Mrs. Milton W. St. John

1942-1944  Mrs. Edward J. McDonnell

1944-1946  Mrs. Harold C. Meyer

1946-1948  Mrs. Frank W. Succop

1948-1950  Mrs. Ransom E. Somers

1950- 1952  Mrs. Harold L. Lang        

1952-1954  Mrs. Robert N. Austen

1954-1956  Mrs. Charles t. Siebert, Jr. 

1956-1958  Mrs. Robert F. Edgar

1958-1960  Mrs. Walter Toole    

1960-1962  Mrs. Richard H Boyles

1962-1964  Mrs. Alvin S. Riley

1964-1966  Mrs. William G. Watson

1966-1968  Mrs. Charles N. Fisher

1968-1970  Mrs. Randle Brereton

1970-1972  Mrs. Franklin D. Hoffman

1972-1974  Mrs. I. Paul Glaser-Skalny

1974-1976  Mrs. C, Talbott Hiteshew, Jr.

1976-1978  Mrs. Henning Karlby

1978-1980  Mrs. Merle E. Minks  

1980-1982  Mrs. James H. Worley, Jr.

1982-1984  Mrs. Neil Y. Van Horn       

1984-1986  Mrs. John a. Byerly, Jr. 

1986-1988  Mrs. John W. Hannon            

1988-1990  Mrs. George F. Huff 

1990-1992  Mrs. John T. Hoover   

1992-1994  Mrs. James S. Pasman, Jr.

1994-1996  Mrs. Walter A. Scott, III

1996-1998  Mrs. D. Donald Foster, Jr.   

1998-2000  Mrs. William K. Vincett              

2000-2002  Mrs. Robert W. Kampmeinert

2002-2004  Mrs. James F. Bauerle                   

2004-2006  Ms. Fritz Mitnick                            

2006-2008  Ms. Cece Miller                              

2008-2010  Mrs. Corrine Babson                

2010-2012  Mrs. Carol Papas                     

2012-2014  Mrs. Wendy Mitchell     

2014-2016  Mrs. Christine Bennett       

Past Presidents of Phipps Garden Center

Mrs. Harold A. Nomer                    1935-1937

Mrs. Augustus L. Oliver                  1937-1953

Mrs. Robert N. Austen                    1953-1957

Honorary Members in Memoriam

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.”  Alfred Tennyson

Mrs. John F. Andrews

Mrs. Robert N. Austen

Mrs. Holbrook C. Botset

Mrs. Richard H. Boyles

Mrs. John A. Byerly, Jr.

Mrs. Phyllis Cramer

Mrs. Robert F. Edgar

Mrs. Richard Follansbee

Mrs. Mary L. Gott

Mrs. Charles L. Griswold

Mrs. Nancy Hoover

Mrs. George F. Huff

Mrs. John E. Jackson

Mrs. Hugo C. Johnson, Jr.

Mrs. Kendall F. Jones

Mrs. Hanne Karlby

Miss Flora E. Langenheim

Miss Gertrude Langenheim

Mrs. John W. Lawrence

Mrs. John Marshall

Mrs. Edward J. McDonnell

Mrs. James B. McKillips

Mrs. William A. Messer

Mrs. Albert P. Meyer

Mrs. Harold A. Nomer

Mrs. Augustus K. Oliver

Mrs. Jane Pasman

Mrs. J. Lewis Scott

Mrs. Kathy Toole

Mrs. John G. Zimmerman