Invasive Plantings

A large part of our focus in selling perennials at Community Gardenfest involves educating buyers about the cultural needs of plants to ensure success in their own gardens.  We do not sell invasive plants- many of which were introduced to agriculture without full knowledge of attributes that might displace native plants from their ecosystems.  One has only to look at wetlands taken over by a former popular perennial, Lythrum salicaria (purple loosestrife), to see the extent of damage invasive species can exact.


To that end, our horticulture gallery does not include invasive species.  Some of the plants available in retail centers are invasive, including favorites such as Euonymus alatus (burning bush) and Berberis thunbergii (red barberry).


For more information on the environmental impact of invasive species:


A full list of invasive species in Pennsylvania, including those on the “watch list”: